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BlueBassoon Handmade

Summer Stud Cutter Set

Summer Stud Cutter Set

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Introducing the summer stud cutter set! These precisely detailed little cutters are SMALL! They are all less than 1/2" in their largest dimension.

Cutters are available individually or you can save money by buying the full set.

There are 8 different designs: Lemon Slice, Mini Lemon Slice, Happy Face, Seashell, Watermelon, Strawberry, Rainbow, and Ice Cream Cone.

We STRONGLY recommend using plenty of corn starch when using these cutters to attain a perfect detailed imprint.

BlueBassoon clay cutters are designed with the maker in mind! All cutters come with these features:

- 15mm height profile for easier handling and lifting from the clay

- A .5mm cutting edge for superior cutting precision with minimal distortion of the clay

- A straight tapered wall design for improved strength of the narrow cutting edge

- Rounded, sturdy handle edges for comfort and ease of use

But the coolest feature of all: Many larger dangle shapes come with a PROPRIETARY built-in guide marker for perfect hole placement. This saves you time - you won't need to measure or mark any holes before drilling.

Ever had trouble with larger pieces hanging lopsided because you drilled the hole slightly off-center? Not any more! The BlueBassoon built-in guide markers ensure that your holes are perfectly centered and your pieces will hang perfectly balanced.

The recommended clay thickness for this cutter is 2mm, which is number 3 on my vintage Atlas 150 pasta machine.

All BlueBassoon cutters are made from a plastic called polylactic acid (PLA). This is a plant-based plastic that is industrially biodegradable.

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