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BlueBassoon Handmade

Classic Arch Clay Cutter

Classic Arch Clay Cutter

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The perfect, classic arch. A must-have staple in any clay artist's collection!

The classic arch is available in 3 sizes: Small (1" tall), Medium (1.5" tall), and Large (2" tall).

The measurement corresponds to the finished clay piece.

This cutter comes with a bonus time-saving feature: a built-in hole guide that you can use to mark your unbaked clay piece (see photos). This is the best way to ensure that when you drill your hole, it will be PERFECTLY centered and the arch will hang symmetrically.

The use of the hole guide is completely optional -- it is far enough out of the way that it will not mark any clay that is less than 5mm thick.

BlueBassoon clay cutters are designed with the maker in mind! All cutters come with these features:

- 13mm height profile for easier handling and lifting from the clay

- A .5mm cutting edge for superior cutting precision with minimal distortion of the clay

- A reinforced wall design that prevents distortion while cutting

- Rounded, sturdy handle edges for comfort and ease of use

The recommended clay thickness for this cutter is 2mm, which is number 3 on my vintage Atlas 150 pasta machine. Please note that if you choose to use this cutter with clay of a different thickness, any embossed designs will not work as intended.

All BlueBassoon cutters are made from a plastic called polylactic acid (PLA). This is a plant-based plastic that is industrially biodegradable and food safe.

To clean: simply dip a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol and carefully wipe the raw clay from all cutting edges. If using with food products, simply wash with soap and warm water, and use a soft brush to clean embossing design if necessary.

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